Artist Residency at Lakeside Inn

Posted October 7, 2021
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Lakeside Inn 2022 Artist Residency Program

Submissions for our 2022 Artist Residency Program will begin October 15th  2021 and close December 1st, 2021. During our inaugural year, Lakeside Inn hosted dancers, musicians, painters, photographers, printmakers,  ceramicists, and writers. 

Selected artists will be invited to participate in a two-week residency (three weeks for clay artists) based on their proposals and artistic medium. Residents are asked to donate a piece of their work to the inn for display in its permanent collection. If donating a piece is not possible (as with dancers or musicians), residents are asked to present a  program at the inn, such as a group class, discussion, performance, or gallery showing. 

We are also offering a month-long Artist Work Exchange Program for the  months of June, July, and August. In this program, artists are able to earn a  paycheck for 15-20 hours a week doing housekeeping for the inn, and are  otherwise free to pursue their creative projects. 

Click HERE for more  details about the program.