Leap Day Murder Mystery at Historic Lakeside Inn!

Posted January 25, 2020
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This year on Leap Day Weekend (February 28 – 29), we are inviting all guests to take part in a murder mystery game (no extra charge, just book at Lakeside Inn), Poe’s Raven Party (written by mymysteryparty.com). Guests will take part in the interactive, immersive game as guests at Eddie Poe’s Raven Party – you will be simultaneously sleuth and suspect as you navigate the complex social web of the denizens of Wraith’s Cove and determine which is the murderer!

Characters will be assigned at check-in, and we encourage you to take advantage of the 2-for-1 rate to join us on Friday night for pre-mystery games, where you can begin to get to know the other characters and establish relationships and motives between everyone before the main event on Saturday evening!